Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FFSS Update 09/01

Greetings Surveyors!

Just wanted to make you aware of a couple of items:

Yolo Roads:
There’s been some concern over the condition of the roads used to access Field 61 at Yolo. There are two ways to access Field 61, the field road that immediately surrounds the field, or a winding road through a restored wetland (that is currently dry) just to the south. The road immediately surrounding the field is very narrow, covered in vegetation and has not been regularly maintained. There are a couple of very narrow areas but it is still useable with caution. The winding road through the wetland is also in rough shape but wider. This road parallels the immediate field road but turns south at the west end of the field and there is a large area of vegetation between the road and the field. Both roads will be mowed and hopefully disked to smooth out the surface. Paths will be mowed through the vegetation from the wetland road to the south end of Field 61.

After Labor Day, we will no longer be surveying Field 68 at Yolo. We don’t have the capacity to continue surveying both fields. Thanks to those of you who helped continue surveys of Field 68 this long!

Data Entry:
The data is looking great! Thanks for revising your data when asked to do so, it really makes a difference!

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